Jerry Carrillo

    Jerry Carrillo is a Man on a Mission!

    He’s known as El Chicano, Jerry Love, or
    quite simply, Jerry. It all depends on
    where his comedy takes him! At the
    tender age of 4, a precocious and
    talented Carillo began regaling his most
    supportive fan, his grandmother. He’d
    entertain his Abuela with a daily round of
    hilarious yet mildly “adult” humor only a
    child as inquisitive and creative as Jerry
    could memorize, repeat and deliver with
    the timing of professional performers.
    Still, it took some time for Jerry to be
    officially bitten by the comedy bug!

He spent years cultivating a persona as a quintessential entertainer,
remaining true to his Latin roots. Unsatisfied with the prospect of being
regular at anything, Jerry set his sights high. He was determined to become a
renaissance man. And that he did. He mastered acting, dancing and producing
everything from Christmas shows to revivals. Jerry soon discovered his
talents could take him even further. It took one open mic and a standing
ovation to place him on a steady course toward becoming one of comedy’s
most gifted artists. He’s never looked back.

Jerry’s passion drives him; his unorthodox influences inspire him. He learned
strength, commitment, savvy, and business acumen from “street
entrepreneurs” that evaded the law and obeyed their own rules. He
voraciously consumed a wealth of invaluable lessons that boosted his
confidence and allowed him to nimbly navigate the entertainment industry.
His true power however comes from his father, who spared no pound of flesh
to become the man his son could admire. The results: Jerry is the most well-
rounded, precise, clever comic to grace the stage. Audiences applaud his
versatility and his back arching hilarity. He projects what most of us think
about, but never say, and he is always spot on. His keen sense of observation
and attention to the acute details of everyday life makes him the laugh out
loud, uninhibited voice of the people. He works tirelessly to balance the
positive and negative aspects of comedy, swinging the pendulum decisively
to the more appealing optimistic side.

His career has taken him to the stage of “Last Comic Standing” in front of the
cameras for commercials including top companies like Wal-Mart, and clubs
and colleges across the country. Despite his success, he remains true to
himself, his family, colleagues, fans and his love of comedy.

Jerry Carrillo strives to be a comedy and entertainment innovator. He is well
on his way.
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